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According to a GETTR post on Jan 15th, Mr. Steve Bannon recently gave an interview to the media of the New Federal State of China (NFSC), stating that CCP virus exacerbated the divisions, but the people fighting for sovereignty and democracy are winning and the political transformation worldwide is imminent.

Mr. Bannon said that CCP Virus (COVID) pandemic exacerbated the social contradictions between the sovereigntists and the globalists who were the partners of the CCP. Moreover, the adverse effects and the sequelae of massive vaccination mandates have further deepened the existing divisions. Nevertheless, such divisions are not the worst thing in the world because it demonstrates that a considerable number of people will definitely not kowtow to dictatorship. And as it’s turned out that people fighting for sovereignty and liberty are winning.

Mr. Bannon commented, “we are winning on many, many fronts”. Referring to the coming U.S. Midterm elections, he said that the U.S. would usher in a political transformation this coming fall, and that the Republican party would reshape itself as the workers’ party and “have an overwhelming, sweeping victory in November. And from there, it will change the direction not just the country but the world, because that group in and out of itself makes Take Down the CCP one of its top priorities.”

*. GETTR post of Mr. Bannon’s interview

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