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In the past week, the HCN rose from $35 to $42. Its highest price was $42.7 with the average daily trading volume at about 80,000 HCN. The total trading volume was about 25.5 million HCN, occupying about 2.55% of its total annual issuance. 

Currently, HCN’s global trading market has not been fully opened and the institutional investors are not yet involved. Its price is still significantly undervalued with the low trading volume. 

On January 10th, Fed Chair Jerome Powell mentioned that private stable-coin could coexist with the U.S. digital coin. This recognition of the cryptocurrency would help the HCN and HDO to be open to the U.S. market. 

In the week’s live broadcast, Miles Guo stated that cryptocurrency without U.S. endorsement is hard to survive in the future. He disclosed that the Himalaya Exchange is applying for licenses in dozens of countries, and in different states of the U.S. With the Himalaya Pay online, HCN and HDO will gradually be legalized in various states of the U.S. and eventually become close partners with the U.S. dollar.

He further mentioned that the HCN’s system design and legality, security of its legality in the world, and its stable-coin’s reserve system are not found in other cryptocurrencies. These features will make it become the world’s rule-maker of cryptocurrencies.    

From the blog statement of the Himalaya Exchange, more financial regulators would issue more licenses to cryptocurrencies in 2022. As only the exchanges that have licenses can be legally operated in the market, Himalaya Exchange is fully prepared for winning the competition.

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