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On January 14 local time, according to relevant media reports: The latest data released by the British government showed that the mortality rate of the population fully vaccinated with the CCP’s virus (COVID) vaccine exceeded the non-vaccinated with a ratio of 286%.

Relevant studies have pointed out: Since the global mass vaccination of the CCP’s virus vaccine, hospitals have been filled with people who have fallen ill due to vaccination, and even if they receive special care, many patients still die. Upwards of one million people have suffered serious injuries or died so far from the jab globally. And this is only a conservative estimate based on official government data, which is known to be underreported.
The data show: The population with high vaccination rate is also the population with high risk of death in the future. The reason lies in that it is actually the so-called “vaccine” that causes people’s illness or deaths, not just the virus itself. However, the immune system people who have not been vaccinated are not negatively affected by the vaccination, and the DNA of the unvaccinated remain intact from the mRNA ingredient of the vaccine.
In addition, according to the recent expose by an Indiana based life insurance giant OneAmerica Insurance, the death claim rate of the whole insurance industry has increased by 40% among people aged 18 to 64 from pre-pandemic levels. The company’s CEO Scott Davison said during an online news conference this week, “The data is consistent across every player in that business.” This obviously links up the COVID vaccine with the unprecedentedly high death rates and various vaccine injuries.
It is also remarked by some media outlets that to blame the high death rate on the COVID virus is not accurate, rather, the leading cause is the COVID vaccination.

U.K. government says vaccinated are dying at a rate 286% higher than unvaccinated

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