After discovering the widespread use of Chinese spies, Priti Patel said the government would introduce new legislation to give the security services and agencies the “tools they need to disrupt the full range of state threats”. “We can expect to see these kinds of alerts become more commonplace as a result of the work of our world-class intelligence agencies who have adapted to counter these new and emerging threats,” the home secretary said. She was speaking after it was revealed last week that MI5 has warned that a Chinese government agent has been working in parliament “to subvert the processes”.

British intelligence reported that the British Chinese Project had released a statement saying: “Due to the Covid situation, it is with great regret that the British Chinese Project is unable to continue to operate and will be dormant until further notice.” So says the announcement on what is left of the website of the British Chinese Project (BCP ), the organisation said by MI5 to be “involved in political interference activities” in the UK.

Whether the abrupt suspension of activity by the group was down to Covid or the action by MI5, we may never know. But obviously, we do know of course it was because they have been rumbled and now they are doing what they usually do ‘deflection’. In the first-ever “interference notice” issued concerning China, Britain’s domestic spy service warned on Thursday that Christine Lee, a prominent figure in the BCP, “has facilitated financial donations to serving and aspiring parliamentarians on behalf of foreign nationals based in Hong Kong and China”. The warning said Lee was working “on behalf of the United Front Work Department (UFWD) of the Chinese Communist Party”.

Lee, 58, cultivated many more links to British parliamentarians. Her firm donated more than £584,000 to Labour MP and former minister Barry Gardiner and his constituency party. On Thursday, Gardiner said in a statement: “All the donations were properly reported in the register of members’ interests and their source verified at the time. I have been assured by the security services that whilst they have definitively identified improper funding channelled through Christine Lee, this does not relate to any funding received by my office.”

Lee has also been photographed with David Cameron and was given the Points of Light award by Theresa May when she was prime minister. The award was withdrawn on Thursday after the revelations. Lee’s links to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are long-standing and well-developed, and she has met China’s premier Xi Jinping. She has been chief legal adviser to the Chinese embassy in London, and a legal adviser to the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, part of Beijing’s vast network of influence overseen by the UFWD. She is also an executive member of the China Overseas Friendship Association and a committee member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (a political advisory body in China), both of which are run by the UFWD.

So it would be fair to say that this is not Christine Lee’s first rodeo, she is a time served communist loving, red through and through Chinese spy. All political parties are guilty of taking money from people and organisations that they shouldn’t but greed, favours and who only knows what else drives these people to do it. The Labour party are particularly keen to accept large amounts of cash from the communist regime or their ‘brothers and sisters’ as they are a set of super left commie loving champagne socialists.

Labour frontbencher and former minister Barry Gardiner is certainly not the only Labour party MP to receive cash from China as many have in the past and it would be naive to think that this will stop in the near future. The MPs’ register of interests shows Ms Lee has made more than £700,000 in donations to parliamentarians, much of that to Mr Gardiner. The Labour party are a party of hypocrites saying one thing and doing another, they pretend to be a party for the working people when in fact they are a communist supporting dictatorship that looks up to China as their political big brother.

Speaking in the Commons on Monday, disgraced Labour MP Barry Gardiner asked if the measures announced by the home secretary would “help MPs to get extra support when making the required checks about the true source of any donations”. this is an embarrassing and obvious bit of deflection that fools absolutely no one. He then added: “She will know the security services told me their alert was based on specific intelligence of illegal funding which did not relate to the donations that paid for my office staff, those ceased in 2020. This pathetic excuse of a man is actually a fully paid Labour MP typical politician always trying to blame someone else even when it’s staring everyone in the face what a lying piece of work he is.

Then with no shame at all, he went on to add, “So is she able to tell the House what steps she is taking to ascertain where the tainted money ended up?” Ms Patel said she was sure that the Labour MP would continue to cooperate with the intelligence and security services on the matter. She added: “It is a fact that across this House we will absolutely come together to do everything possible in terms of protecting the integrity of our democracy and all honourable members from such malign interference and threats.”

I think the only way to ascertain where the money came from would be to thoroughly investigate Barry Gardiner MP and some of his Labour party cronies, as there will be a paper trail that runs all the way back to Beijing. The Labour party have long-established links to extreme left-wing organisations and individuals so it is not a surprise to anyone that these payments have been found, the only surprise is that it has taken so long to find out who is paying who.

Responding to the home secretary’s statement, Labour’s Yvette Cooper said the party condemns “in the strongest terms the attempts by China to interfere in Britain’s democratic process”. The shadow home secretary urged Ms Patel to assure the Commons “that she is not complacent about threats to our national security and to our democracy as well”. Again this is textbook political deflection typical lefty Labour party attempting to put some of the blame for a Labour MP getting caught with a pocket full of Chinese money on the ‘system’. 

The home secretary said in response that there is “no complacency” in the government on the matter. Illicit payments have been a reality in politics worldwide for many years and they will probably be a part of worldwide politics for a long time to come, but when it comes out like it has done recently why is nothing done, why is the Chinese spy Christine Lee not thrown out of the country or at least arrested and questioned. How come the dodgy payments to the Labour MP Barry Gardiner have not seen him be arrested and questioned? the problems run deep in British politics very deep indeed.

Author: Mr Cow / PR: Mini Cow

Edited by:【Himalaya London Club UK】