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On January 11th, the local media reported that the health care system in Los Angeles, California, was on the verge of collapse amid the rise in the Omicron variant. The region was currently experiencing critical staffing shortages. In response, the state’s Department of Public Health issued new guidelines stating health care workers who have tested positive but are asymptomatic may return to work immediately without quarantining and without taking another test.

Three nurses and the head of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) representing public service workers including nurses decried the new policy after its issuance. These nurses emphasized that the guidance issued by the state’s department was frankly outrageous and dangerous. These healthcare workers who are infected with the CCP virus may pass the pathogen and cause the entire work zone contaminated if they continued to work. The hospital will become an extremely unsafe place to visit or work and the policy increases not only the risk of Omicron variant infection but also the transmission rate.   

It was worth noting that the state of California made it clear that healthcare workers who refuse to get vaccinated against the CCP virus will be fired or suspended from their jobs two weeks ago. Additionally, the vaccine mandate has since been changed to include booster shots.

Some comments pointed out that it is unreasonable and unethical for the state of California to allow health care workers who have tested positive rather than those who are healthy but have not been vaccinated against the CCP virus to return to work.   

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