Written by: Ping

Translated by: billwilliam

The US-China trade war has never stopped since 2016 and is developing toward escalation. Communist China has always faced trade war with a warrior-wolf attitude. Yet on this rare occasion, the Chinese Communist Party regime now extends the olive branch to Apple Company. The CCP’s media reports the country will provide 50 tons of rare earth metals per month to Apple. Chinese firms have signed a contract with Apple to supply rare earth metals to support it through the supply chain crisis.   

When the United States keeps passing laws to sanction CCP companies, why does the CCP help Apple through the crisis while “ignoring previous conflicts?” As a Chinese idiom says, “Nobody gets up early if without profit.” Communist China may have reached a hidden deal with Apple, helping Apple maximize its profits while controlling its supply chain. That’s why the CCP is so generous. I believe some greedy American capitalists and CCP kleptocrat families are beneficiaries of the deal.

Being one of the world’s major exporters of rare earth elements, China accounts for 45.6% of global output. Yet China is also the largest consumer of rare earth elements because of the country’s mode of economy. Communist China sustains economic development by selling cheap labor. The processing industry is the pillar of its economy—companies like Foxconn are assembly centers of electronic products. And rare earth elements are critical ingredients of laptops, energy-efficient light bulbs, wind turbines, and electric vehicles. Some Western or Japanese companies have moved their factories to China to ensure access to rare earth elements at cheap prices and secure supply.  

However, the mining of rare earth elements causes severe pollution to the environment. More than two decades of rare earth element mining has led to serious pollution in China. Villagers living between Baotou City and the Yellow River’s segment in Inner Mongolia have all been relocated into apartment buildings in other places. According to previous reports, prevalent in those areas are the high cancer rates and many health problems associated with a large number of rare earth element refineries.   

The most harmful refineries are those that break chemical bonds. Rare earth elements in the ores from tight chemical bonds with various harmful substances, especially with the radioactive element Thorium. Breaking the chemical bond requires tons of concentrated sulfuric acid. As a result, the precious rare earth elements that are non-radioactive are extracted, but a thick liquid containing toxic chemicals and slightly radioactive waste is left behind. Most of the liquid waste is dumped into the world’s largest tailings reservoir. Built-in the 1950s during Mao Zedong’s era, the tailings reservoir lacks a protective layer that can prevent radioactive waste and toxic chemicals from permeating into groundwater. These chemicals then slowly seep into the Yellow River through groundwater. As a result, these waste and toxic chemicals have entered the Yellow River and have polluted groundwater aquifer.   

The CCP regime has always enriched the personal interests of CCP kleptocrat families at the expense of polluting the environment. Now the deal of monthly supply of 50 tons of rare earth elements to Apple will cause persistent disaster in areas around the Yellow River. Who will take responsibility for the health of residents living in Baotou City, Apple or the Communist Party?