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Background information: The calamity will further escalate in 2022, with continuous microthermal climate or heavy storms devastating Europe, India, Saudi Arabia and many other Asian countries. An emphasis on the seven major crises consist of energy crisis, extreme weather, economic turmoil, power shortage, Covid-19 pandemic, famine and supply chain crisis being unleashed in all of its furies. Furthermore, the US Midwest regions were struck by 30 consecutive tornadoes.

Miles Guo: The vaccine disaster in the United States is likely to initiate from May 2022. I previously predicted that there would be legal actions against the vaccine mandate by this month or February. To put things straight for everyone, I’m not asking you to believe in us. With that said, if you have true faith in the New Federal State of China and my words from heart, you shall stay at home until May. I recommend you to isolate yourselves unless you really have to go out, as the people who spread you on with the virus are not the carriers but instead all the people who have been vaccinated.

In my opinion, 2022 will be the darkest time in human history. It is very likely to return to the Jurassic era, an era full of catastrophe. We must be mentally prepared for everything that is about to descend upon us, such as economic disasters, humanitarian disasters, virus disasters, vaccine disasters, disasters before the demise of the CCP, even full-scale wars.

The so-called “Hemorrhagic fever virus” that you just asked about now is the virus of the CCP, and it is the direct consequence of poisoning and vaccines by the CCP.

I believe a few of these current issues are within our imaginations, but we really didn’t expect the CCP’s economic bubble coming so quickly. Everyone would guess what is going to happen under this economic bubble. People in cities like Hegang, in Manchurian provinces such as Jilin and Liaoning, are entirely unable to make a living.

Another thing everyone will notice recently is that you can’t buy things in this world, despite CCP’s now effort to negotiate with the United States. In the end, the tariffs will be reduced once and for all, and the CCP will not be able to survive. This series of phenomena proves that in Asia, the United States, and this world, it knows that the economy cannot survive. The Communist Party, which has been out of money, is fragile in China every minute. This is definitely one of the best news we’ve seen right now.

The second is that you don’t have to worry about tracing the truth of the virus and the harm of vaccines. Because the number of people who died from the virus, the harm of being vaccinated, and hundreds of athletes who died after vaccination will wake up the world.

After the strings of Internet celebrities and musicians in China have been pillaged from their wealth, they can no longer operate in private businesses and make money. Their way of life is changing now, which has led to their freakish drug addictions within China, falling into catastrophic and is the fundamental point of the outbreak of social conflicts.

Comments: The outbreak that has lasted for two years, with the large-scale death of people, the global economy plummeting, and the stock market deficit, the world will enter a dark period, we must repair the house before it rains and stock up supplies in advance to get through this annus horribilis safely.

Source: Miles Guo GTV and GETTR broadcast

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