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Today is January 16th. Good day to all our honored fellow fighters.

Look at the burning flame of the fireplace, it’s like the gully of desires that is hard to fill up.

My goodness, it is freezing today. It is about -12 to -13 degrees Celsius outside. When I was a child, I still played outside even when the temperature was lower than -30 degrees Celsius. You can see how much one can change.

Brothers and sisters, after I posted the GETTR video yesterday, everybody might have noticed how much the world has changed: Infections are increasing in Japan, in Europe, and in the US where the number of infections is at a level of over a million a day. Too many of our fellow fighters and people we know got infected with the CCP virus.

Our brothers and sisters must be very careful. Some fellow fighters count on the medicine — thinking that “I have the cure.”  Having the medicine does not mean you are immune to the virus, and if infected, the medicine may not work 100% of the time.

Brothers and sisters should take this advice and do not risk your life. Justice, truth, or elimination of the CCP — these things will have nothing to do with you if you die.

I have read many messages from our fellow fighters, saying “When this is over, I will talk about the PAG lawsuit in detail under a bridge for a few days,” and “When this is over, I will have a good talk about the truth of vaccines.”

Fellow fighters: First, if you are dead, is anything still meaningful to you? Are you capable of talking about anything?  

Second, if many people die, do you still have an audience for the stories you tell? To whom do you speak?

On a planet of over seven billion people, who can record how many people say what words every day? We Chinese people always like to talk about what they would do in retrospect. When this is over, does it have anything to do with you? Can you still be alive then, right?

Do not make this naive mistake, brothers and sisters. Staying away from the virus, not being infected, is everything for you.

In addition, the TV series “Zero Tolerance” which is a show about confession is being broadcasted in the CCP China. 

People like Hu Huaibang (the former chairman of the China Development Bank), Sun Lijun (the former vice-minister of Public Security), a former party secretary of the city of Hangzhou, and Wang Like (the former Secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Political and Legal Affairs Commission), etc. I know most of them, and I have dealt with them in the past.

Many fellow fighters texted me to express their views. In my opinion, fellow fighters, have you ever thought that these people are the ones who created the form to plead guilty on television?

They have forced numerous people to plead guilty on TV, and now it is their turn. Do you think they are sincere in their televised confessions? Surprisingly, some people consider their tone genuine. What they said on TV, even every punctuation mark, was arranged — it was all fake!

The Western media just reported about the Winter Olympics in Beijing, “if there is no snowfall there, why should we go to Beijing for the Winter Olympics?” Foreigners do not get it at all — the CCP can shoot a million snow bombs and make snow artificially.

In human history, I have only heard of Chinese painting trees green in winter — only in CCP China. Can you name any other country that does the same thing? Only in CCP China! Counterfeiting in this country has reached such a degree that it is entirely beyond your imagination.

I just received a message from a fellow fighter from a small town next to the city of Qingdao — several police officers violently beat up a child and the mother for not following orders during a nucleic acid test. The policemen even gloated that they enjoyed this feeling of beating a whole family.

This is the same as when Meng Jianzhu (the former secretary of the CCP’s Political and Legal Committee) toyed with a whole family of women before, from mother-in-law to the mother to the younger daughter-in-law — a perverted game enjoyed by both Meng Jianzhu and Sun Lijun. 

How many people are still loyal to the evil CCP? How many people still support the CCP who boasts that “its kindness is greater than that of your parents”?

No way to change that, really, brothers and sisters. When one is being brainwashed and educated to be hateful, ignorant, and stupid from childhood, even if they dress like human beings, they often make decisions that can be more dangerous and terrifying than ferocious animals!

This is a nation under the CCP’s evil education.

My friends in Norway and Denmark sent me messages these days. Talking about how their government colluded with the CCP, he said, “Miles, in your words, the CCP is a rogue group! A gangster!” The CCP threatened and blackmailed them with a totally arrogant attitude.

“Of course, we will never treat them in the same bad way that the CCP treated us,” this friend said, “the children and families of those CCP officials I spoke to live in our country. They purchased houses here. Who is not corrupt? But we will not get back at them.” 

The CCP may look very mighty, right? But when it comes to the CCP — what you do not dare to do, what you do not want to do, it will do.

One of our friends, who is in the city of Dongguan, has gone bankrupt. He sold and liquidated his assets. In his own words, he had invested more than 600 million at the time and took back only about 30 to 40 million.

Just as he was about to take his personal belongings away, the police came to him. The police said, “You are suspected of soliciting prostitutes, and we are arresting you.”

It scared the hell out of him, and he asked how to deal with it. The policeman said, “should we inform your family? You do not want us to inform your family, right? Then give us all your belongings.”

So, brothers and sisters, you must not only look at these “superficial facts”. In this world, you will pay the price for everything you do. I told this friend he deserved it. I told him to leave (China) a few years ago and he felt offended at that time, as if his ancestral graves had been dug up, right? Now there is nothing left, even if he leaves.

Some people have to pay the price for blindly supporting the CCP, and for their own ignorance and greed.

Our fellow fighters should now manage their lives well and stay alive. 2022 will be the darkest year in the history of humankind — because of the CCP virus and the economic crisis!

I was in meetings most of the time since the day before yesterday. Last night, I had an hour-long meeting about the economic crisis on my iPad. Many funds generally believe that the world economy will go down by 20% to 40% in 2022, but it may not completely collapse. As a premise, many people will go bankrupt , but the funds can survive.

Remember this, you must remember — these funds believe that the vast majority of Lao-Bai-Xing (ordinary people), including our fellow fighters, will lose everything and become impoverished, but the funds will survive.

Look at what’s in their minds. In this world, not everyone cares about all the world’s ordinary people.  They only think about themselves.

I told them that they were crazy — “Do you think Lao-Bai-Xing will spare you guys by that time? It will be more terrible than the Hollywood movie Zombie Apocalypse.”

Many countries’ governments are now privately looking forward to the collapse. They even hope the collapse will come more thoroughly. Then they can have a better chance to design more financial instruments. They believe Lao-Bai-Xing will work harder when they do not have enough food to eat or a place to stay — that is how the ruling class thinks.

CCP is not the only one that does such a thing. But the CCP has started this even-more-evil pattern. Not only is the CCP evil, but people worldwide have greed, hatred, hypocrisy, selfishness, indifference, or even a devilish side. Civilization and the rule of law keep this ugly nature of human beings under control. But the CCP’s perfect criminal design on the virus and vaccine has amplified all these ugly and evil aspects of humans in the world infinitely. 

Look at these funds, look at these government officials. The CCP must be complacent secretly now, sucking its fingers — the CCP is to let people see this kind of killings and to expose the ugly aspect of humans. It just wants to magnify it infinitely and throw the world into chaos.

The CCP considers death its best “bonus”, hatred is their “dessert”, killings and conspiracies are their “coffee”, the media and funds are the “spoons and instruments” they use to drink “coffee”.

See the silence of Western media on the Winter Olympics and the Xinjiang massacre? That can tell you a lot of things.

But fellow fighters, let me say again that the New Federal State of China (NFSC) has an infinitive and exciting prospect, just like the sun shining in the sky. Cherish it, please. 

Look at our great fellow fighters. They are awesome — I love you guys! You will see how extraordinary the NFSC is by the end of this year or this time next year. How wonderful it is.  

Time is up.