Translated by: MOS Gospel Team – lilian89 


On January 13th, MI5 warned Congress that Communist China’s agents had infiltrated British politics, and explicitly pointed out that Chinese-British lawyer Li Zhenju, goes by the name Christine Ching Kui Lee, works for the United Front Work Department of the Chinese Communist Party, carrying out missions to interfere in British politics. 

MI5’s investigation revealed that Li was funded by non-British individuals in Communist China or Hong Kong and that she used the money to fund political parties, parliamentarians and potential political candidates in the United Kingdom.

Lee runs a law firm in London and is the Director of the Chinese Overseas Friendship Association and founder of the British Chinese Political Participation Scheme. Lee had received a Points of Light award in 2019 and has a wide range of influence in British politics on behalf of China.

MI5 is warning anyone who has had contact with Li Zhenju to remain vigilant.

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