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On January 11th, Miles Guo broke the news in the live broadcast on GETTR that from Heilongjiang in the north to Shanghai and Hangzhou in the south, martial law is about to start in many places in China.  Many people in China have unfortunately contracted the CCP virus, and most of them were “hit” when they were forced to queue up for nucleic acid testing. 

德语媒体:中国“清零”的副作用| 媒体看中国| DW | 29.12.2021
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Martial law will begin in Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Tianjin, Henan, Hangzhou, Shanghai and other regions.  The live broadcast further pointed out that the Chinese Communist Party used tough measures to achieve “clearing zero” which is zero infection status, and as a result, the virus has bloomed everywhere. Everyone should protect themselves and try not to contract the CCP virus.

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