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Miles Guo stated in his Grand live broadcast on January 7ththat the passport of the New Federal State of China(NFSC) is a promise and a belief, moreover, a strategy to take down the CCP, which will accelerate its demise.

Miles revealed that the Chinese communists Wang Yi and Yang Jiechi telephoned the foreign minister of a certain country, discussing the attendance of that country’s head of state at the Beijing Winter Olympics and the issue of the NFSC passport. They threatened that cooperating with the NFSC was to be an enemy of the CCP. In the end, that country’s head of state did not express his continued support for the CCP.

Additionally, Miles said that the CCP will frantically retaliate and suppress countries that refuse to attend the Winter Olympics after the Games. However, such crazy moves will only encourage more and more countries to seek cooperation with the CCP as “leverage” against the CCP’s bullying behavior. The NFSC passport is a deadly and deep blow to the CCP, and the mere talk of it has terrified them.

Lastly, Miles said that the intrinsic value of the NFSC passport will continue to increase after the CCP is taken down and the NFSC passport will eventually become a reality.


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