By: MOS Business Team – April

January 8th, per Daily Mail, a Canadian military officer who participated in the 2019 World Military Games in Wuhan requested an investigation into the CCP virus at that time.

In October 2019, athletes arrived at Wuhan of 11 million only to find a ghost town. “When team members asked about the deserted streets, they were told it was for their benefit,” the whistle-blowing officer said.  

Eight days later, many athletes developed flu-like symptoms. “I started to get symptoms just before the end of the Games. There were so many cases that a large portion of the plane back had to be quarantined for the sick.” 

He was severely ill for six weeks after returning home. A military-appointed doctor later said he almost certainly caught Covid. Today he is still suffering from the long Covid despite previous excellent fitness. 

Many athletes became ill with similar symptoms during the Games. Reports suggested Iranian participants died soon after returning home. When news of the pandemic emerged in early 2020, many athletes started discussing if they had been early victims of the CCP virus. However, the Canadian public affairs department ordered them not to talk publicly about their concerns. Despite the Canadian government helping CCP cover it up, he believes he has a public duty to speak out now.

Canadian Military Officer Demands an Investigation into Wuhan Military Games for Initial CCP Virus Outbreak

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