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According to a report by Reuters on January 13th, the Canada Border Services Agency recently announced that it will allow Canadian cargo truck drivers who have not been vaccinated against the CCP Virus to enter the Canada from the United States. The mandatory vaccination rules that will take effect will be waived instead.

According to the report, the Canadian government’s vaccination policy, (which was originally scheduled to take effect on January 15th) requires that drivers of cross-border transport trucks between the US-Canada must show proof of full vaccination; otherwise they will be refused entry. The Canadian Trucking Federation said that although the vast majority of its members have received two doses of the vaccine, the policy will still result in 10% of the industry (about 16,000 cross-border freight truck drivers) being forced to leave their jobs.

Canada and the U.S. trade in goods worth $650 billion a year, more than two-thirds of which are transported by road. Therefore, the free entry and exit of freight trucks is crucial to maintaining the stability of the logistics supply chain. In order to avoid inflation caused by broken supply chains, Canadian opposition parties and transportation industry groups have repeatedly pressured Trudeau to abandon the mandatory vaccination mandate.

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