The CCP had three major projects of changing Feng Shui: moving water from the south to the north of China, crystal coffin of Mao Zedong, and three Gorge Dam.

Miles Guo’s Broadcast Highlights 2022.1.9 Three Major Projects of the CCP were Established Because of Feng Shui


The CCP had three major projects of changing Feng Shui. But when did everything started? Since Mao Ze Dong said they need to change it. Moving water from the south to the north of China did not happen after the ruling of Deng Xiaoping. It all started with Mao Ze Dong with this idea that. Everyone should not underestimate the crystal coffin of Mao Zedong. That was the best proof of the CCP’s superstition related to Feng Shui. When you look at the axis in Beijing, the horizontal line is on Chang’An street. The central is not stationed on Chang’an street. It’s where Mao’s coffin is located. If it was not because Mao’s coffin, it’s not that he needed to stay on the axis. He decided to cut off the street of Chang’an.

Therefore, Chang’an street is not allowed to build what kind of bridge? This is a way to bridge the transcendent. Can only go downwards, even if there are seemly bridges, you may not realize. It’s all half a bridge. The other half was not meant to be connected. You guys should check it out for yourself. This is pretty amazing. You should check it out. Mao’s crystal coffin is located at the real core at the center. The real core.

Do you guys know which direction Mao’s head is pointed at? This is what the CCP planned from the beginning. The major deal was when Mao comes to Beijing. The 8341 army was waiting at Xiang Shan. They picked a date in 1949. Mao never visited the Forbidden City. After his death, his crystal coffin was placed there. These are all the major Feng Shui projects completed by the CCP. Projects of Superstitions. A coffin to set the country. So, as long as the CCP keep the coffin. They believed they can rule China. Then, they move water from the South to the North.

They know as long as the water can move from the South to the North. They will be able to make the connection between the South and North of China. They believed in this case, the CCP’s ruling will last. This is not for the people. Moving water towards the North is a huge project. Because when all the water flow to Southeast. It benefits Japan and countries in that direction. All the countries to the Southeast of China are rich, rich countries, good countries. It has been like that historically.

That is why you have this project to move the water towards North. China has a dragon from North, middle and South. What we just said are branches. They are Geng, Xu, and Zheng. They believed Xu and Zheng need strong. Geng is strong. Xu is weak and Zheng is being destabilized. Moving water from South to North is a project. Three Gorge Dam is another. Three Gorge Dam. It never was meant to reduce nature disasters for the people. This changes one third of China’s Feng Shui. The word Xu is combined by two characters of Yi and one character of Gong.

Xu mountain is a mountain in China. Xu Shan is the peak of the mountain. China is windy and the wind is heavy. This must be suppressed by water. That’s why from the three major projects, you should know the evil of the CCP. You should know how evil the CCP really is. This is definitely an evil gangster.

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