Translated by: Ermat

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The population of Central and East Asia now accounts for 65% to 70% of humanity in the whole of Asia.  How can they not fight with each other? There are four major powers in the world, the United States, China, Russia, and Europe. So if something happens to a country, it must have these four powers behind it. 

In the southern part of the Pamir Plateau, this is under the control of Afghanistan. To the north of the Pamir Plateau is under the control of Xinjiang and Kyrgyzstan. When Tajikistan President Rakhmonov made this deal with the Jiang family. This guy is smart, right? Let’s make a fortune together, I’ll develop the mine. He promised in Beijing: General Secretary Jiang, I will protect all your family’s interests forever, it is more important than our constitution.

Kazakhstan is a member of the SCO and has ties with the Jiang family. The contest in Afghanistan is a contest between the United States and the SCO. Isn’t it just Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, and the Chinese Communist Party? Does Japan dare to get involved? Europe is following the U.S.. In this competition in Central Asia, who will sell Kazakhstan’s oil to? Now Turkey says, “No, you can’t just sell to them, you can’t sell to China first, you have to sell to me. 

Russia says, “You can’t steal customers from me. If you have a problem, I will send troops, we both think about what should be done. Nazarbayev of Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan knows it very well. In front of Belarus, Russia, if you are weak at this time, everyone will talk to you about the number of conditions. But the United States and Europe really want to get him out of power and make Kazakhstan a pro-Western country. This is a big contest.

In this contest,  what did the Chinese Communist Party play?I messed up Afghanistan. Its purpose is to hold the United States back. If Afghanistan is messed up, you will look for me. I can train rogues, I can train killers. It is fighting Russia and the United States at the same time throughout Central Asia because this is the core of the Belt and Road. If it can’t get past that, it can’t get past all of them. 

Kazakhstan has a population of 20 million, more than 500 tons of gold, more than 70 rare minerals, and straddles Belarus, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. Its strategic location in the “Belt and Road” is too important. From there the CCP can be directly inserted into Turkey, from Turkey south directly to North Africa, to the Middle East. If Kazakhstan falls to the West, “One Belt, One Road” will be finished. So, this is the interest of the Communist Party, but at the same time the interests of SCO. However, Russia and the Communist Party are in opposition to each other.

 Tokaev has been in front of the cameras a few times in the last few days. Anyone who knows anything about Central Asian politics knows what this means for the world price of oil and the world price of gas.