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According to Gettr’s news on January 11, Tucker Carlson, the famous Fox host, and Tulsi Gabbard, the 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate, officially joined Gettr. The news ushered another climax in numbers of Gettr’s registered users.

Jason Miller, the CEO of Gettr said earlier that Gettr refuses speech censorship and welcomes dissidents to join and freely express their personal opinions. The entry of Tulsi Gabbard shows that Gettr is not what the outside world says, it is not a platform only for conservatives, but a social platform where dissidents can speak freely.

As traditional social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, continue to tighten their standard for speech censorship, more and more people are joining Gettr. In particular, the “king of podcasting”, Joe Rogan, his transition to Gettr has brought an astonishing registration volume of 500,000 people to the platform in a single day.

Edited by: James Zoebel
Posted by:RonaldS


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