Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Lanialea

On January 7, Miles Guo noted in his long-playing live broadcast that on account of the unknown efforts of heroic individuals within the system of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the New Federal State of China could deliver the truth and genuine intelligence that are far beyond information coming from the intelligence agencies and mainstream media of various countries.

Despite hundreds of billions and trillions of dollars that worldwide countries have thrown into intelligence, in the past five years, none of it has come close to the warnings and the truth presented to the world by the Whistleblower Movement. The worldwide mainstream media, who have been bought off by the CCP, are blatantly lying as well as smearing and discrediting the Whistleblower Movement heaps of times.

Miles Guo said that whether it concerns the analysis of the situation in Kazakhstan or the arrangement of people at the 20th CCP Congress, that the Whistleblower Movement has consistently announced the accurate developments is based on intelligence, not speculation, which means there are numerous heroic individuals within the CCP’s system who are transmitting the information. Although these individuals may always be anonymous heroes who risk their lives and silently devote themselves to the New Federal State of China, we, the New Federal State of China, will always appreciate and remember their dedication.

Reference: 新中国联邦传递真相和情报

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