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According to local media reports on January 6, U.S. pilot Greg Pearson has revealed in an interview that he developed severe chest pains after receiving the COVID vaccine and that the disease is spreading rapidly throughout the aviation industry. 

Pearson said he and many of his colleagues were forced to get vaccinated for fear of losing their jobs because of the government’s mandatory vaccine program for businesses; but then the terrible after-effects occurred – severe chest and head pains. Some pilots also had severe chest pains while working, and even operations that they were normally skilled at became extremely difficult.

He went on to talk about how he was admitted to the emergency room shortly after the vaccination and was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, which is the main cause of strokes.

Mention was made of the fact that many pilots had the same experience but were afraid to talk about it. The reason, according to Pearson, is that they don’t want to risk being fired; they don’t even want to be retaliated against for telling the truth and ruining their careers; plus, they’re not sure they’ll get the appropriate medical compensation.

In this regard, some commentators believe that the future of airline flights will bring greater safety risks to passengers.

Commercial pilot says his colleagues are “dropping like flies with crushing chest pains” following covid vaccinations

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