1. Wang Yi went to Kazakhstan to deliver the information that America and Europe want to subvert Kazakhstan.

2. Russia and the CCP threaten America and Europe that there will be a nuclear war if they subvert Kazakhstan, but America and Europe ignore Russia and the CCP.

3. Something big is going to happen in Bangladesh as well.

4. Ma Jian and Zhang Yue swayed between the Jiang family and Hu Jintao and were eventually taken out.

5. The CCP is superstitious and believes that Kunlun Mountains is the source of the CCP’s power.

6. The CCP blocked all information about Kunlun Mountains on the Internet.

7. Zeng Qinghong considers himself to be Shanghai style and like the Jiang family believes in dragons and Mount Putuo, Zhoushan.

8. The explosion incident in Chongqing was not accidental, but by providence.

9. There are not virus transmission, but too many vaccinations in Xi’an and Tianjin.

10. Three guarantees for the fellow fighters in China: 1) No one will take away your personal information; 2) The CCP cannot take away one of your Himalaya coins; 3)  Only earn but not lose.

11. The CCP circumscribes America and Europe with Africa.

12. During the epidemic in Heilongjiang, there are the bodies could not be delivered to the crematorium at all, but were all buried village by village in many towns.

13. The CCP’s three major projects to change Feng Shui: Three Gorges Dam, South-to-North Water Diversion and Mao Zedong’s crystal coffin.

14. On the Internet, Xi Jinping’s private life is not the top secret, while Kunlun Mountains is the top secret.

15. Mr. Miles Guo was born in Shanhe village, Hongqiling Town, Panshi County, Jilin Province.

16. Older people over 50 years old in the New Federal State of China: the state must be responsible for providing for the elderly, work priority, high wages for work and tax exemption for work.

17. Institutional investors are currently restricted from entering the market. If they are liberalized, Himalaya Coin will rise to between $1,000-$2,000 in minutes.

18. Zhou Yongkang’s oil gang saved trillions in Switzerland, all of which were taken away by Wang Qishan.

19. Wang Bin of China Life Insurance was arrested, which means that Wang Qishan is basically over.

20. It is the CCP’s insurance that will kill you. It is the CCP ‘s bank that will rob you of your money.

21. See you next Wednesday!

Chinese Version: Wenjun
Translator: π&π
Proofreading: Tracy