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In his live streaming on January 5, 2021, Miles Guo talked about GETTR’s past, present and future:

Since GETTR was launched on May 18, 2021, it has been an unstoppable force to sweep the whole social media community:

  1. The CCP allied with world-class big Tech giants, such as Apple and Google, to fully block and sensor our GETTR. 69% of GETTR new users was stopped at the 1st step by the App Store and 46% of the remained. 31% new users who luckily got the APP downloaded had been stopped at the 2nd step by message verification from registered email such as Gmail, so only 17% of new users could go around the interceptions to registered an account. Even so, now the GETTR App downloads have reached 35 million times, meaning more than 4 million times a day.
  2. It only took GETTR three days to convene the 1st one million users while it took Twitter 2 years and 10 months for Facebook to reach that amount. 
  3. GETTR ranked as No.1 of the social media in the Apple Store and No.2 in the Android Store since January 6, 2022.  
  4. GETTR modified its logo, by changing from a slanted torch to upright position on December 31, 2021.  More and more internet celebrities from all industries joined GETTR, contributing to a soaring number of new users. About one million new users registered daily and 96% of users are active. In contrast, most users of Facebook and Twitter are zombie accounts, meantime Twitter only has 30 million of active users so far. Miles Guo assessed that GETTR will convene 750 million to 1 billion of active users in the future.

Six months after its launch, GETTR is estimated to be worth $20 billion. It is still too early to gauge its future value at this moment. Just as the core value of Apple and Tesla are all not in their dedicated products, but all in the thinking of Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, the soul of their products. GETTR, GTV and other G-series of products all embody Miles Guo’s pursuit of righteousness.

GETTR would completely break the monopoly of traditional social media. It will subvert and rewrite the rules of the game of traditional social media which rely heavily on advertising earnings, selling user data and colluding with evil forces such as the CCP. GETTR has not only the commonality of traditional media platforms, but also the functions of live broadcasting and on-line payment approach GETTR-Pay, etc., which both Twitter and Facebook do not have. GETTR is the only social media platform that upholds the principle of freedom of speech and spreading truth. It would be the only platform that integrates digital finance with freedom, democracy, human rights and faith after the elimination of traditional social medias that enslaved mankind.

In the dark environment of current global COVID-19 pandemic disaster, GETTR has been accumulated its invaluable assets, such as virtues, reputation and credibility. It has continued to reveal and spread the truth to save the human being. GETTR is more precious to the Chinese, because it’s the only social media platform for us to speak out freely. It highlights the difference between the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Chinese people and aims to prevent the Chinese from racial discrimination and genocide.

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