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A federal judge has rejected the FDA’s previous timeline for the release of Pfizer’s data on the CCP virus vaccine, U.S. media reported on January 6.

It is reported that more than 30 professors and scientists from Yale University, Harvard University, UCLA, and Brown University filed a class action lawsuit against Pfizer in September 2021, in which the plaintiffs demanded that the FDA and Pfizer disclose all research data on the CCP virus vaccine. 

According to the information, the FDA had planned to produce 500 pages per month, which would have taken 75 years to disclose all documents. In response, the federal judge asked the FDA to release 55,000 pages of data per month instead, so that the entire data could be released within eight months.

The judge emphasized that no one should be forced to undergo unnecessary medical treatment, and that the forced vaccination of the CCP virus has caused significant health problems for the population, including decreased immunity, adverse side effects, and even death. The judge also found that the federal government has violated the basic human rights of the American people by forcing people to receive the CCP vaccine and ignoring the public’s demand for transparency of information.

Article: Judge Rules FDA to Release Pfizer Vaccine Data in 8 Months

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