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Three months ago, our feng shui master said that you have to change the flame on GETTR’s logo from crooked to straight, and GETTR will soar.

Our design team took almost a month to change it; then the engineering team took nearly a month to upload it, and it turned out that our great Mr. Peter in the upload team did not even change the iPad version, mobile version, etc. So the torch was still crooked after entering, and it was December 30, 2021.

One of our fellow fighters in China told me, “Miles, let me tell you, can you believe my words? GETTR has 35 million downloads. I said, “That can’t be right; as I asked John and the engineers, and they said the data was wrong, and they didn’t believe it.

A crazy computer wizard, Brian, joined our GETTR team at that time. He downloaded various software specialized in monitoring the data of GETTR.

Just a week ago, he did a report and said to me, “Mr. Guo, do you know how many people request to sign up on GETTR every day? More than 4 million!” Let’s look at the number of downloads of GETTR since the first day; Google took out 69% of the downloads at the first step. After you submit the email address to receive an email confirmation, you will basically never get the email confirmation, so you can’t sign up.

46% of users were stopped at the second step. So, how many downloads are we supposed to have? As we can see now, more than 10 million users are gone. This is just the data in the US and Western countries, which didn’t count the AppStore downloads in mainland China and other regions. If they are counted, that means more than 35 million downloads were taken out. The number of downloads that vanished is likely to be over 50 million.

This is why one of our fellow fighters in China said when GETTR was launched, it couldn’t be downloaded from within the CCP’s Firewall until the 13th day.

At the time, John set a rule that only 3,000 emails could be reviewed a day. Therefore, we lost 13 million domestic users! Do you think humans still make such stupid mistakes? John had no sense of shame, and he never felt guilty.

Thirteen million users are gone, and now there are more than 30 to 50 million lost users! After Brian did his report on our data, our investment committee lawyers held a meeting, and everyone agreed that our data had really been modified. And the evaluations conducted by the second and third parties confirmed that the data had been drastically modified.

Then who joined GETTR at this point? God was helping us. GETTR’s engineering power has now been handed over to Mr. King, led by Taiwanese, who officially took office on January 1. On December 31st.  Also, we replaced the crooked flame on GETTR’s logo with a 90% straight one on Dec 31, 2021. At the same time Twitter banned the famous blogger Joe Rogan and other US congresswoman Majorie Taylor Greene. The two incidents happened within 24 hours on the same day.

From the beginning of the day, it was more than 200,000 registrations, the next day more than 500,000 users registered, so far, we’ve got another several tens of thousands of users, and has already exceeded one million. Now you see that GETTR has about 4 million users. But in fact, GETTR may have 35 million to 50 million users.

The number of people who request to sign up on GETTR every day has now exceeded 5 million. What does it mean, brother and sisters? The real number of users is much bigger than the one you’ve just seen!

Source: Miles Guo Grand Live Broadcast on December 5, 2022

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Postscript of Grand Live Broadcast – GETTR (Part 2) – GNEWS

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