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According to the Canadian media “Post-Millennial” on January 4, the famous American media personality Joe Rogan recently harshly criticized Twitter’s speech censorship. After calling on his supporters to join Gettr, more than 500,000 people immediately responded and signed up for accounts on Gettr.

Image Source: Post-Millennial

Gettr CEO Jason Miller said in response that Logan had destroyed the tech oligarchy Twitter with a single tweets, unlocking the shackles of political discrimination and that the social media dictatorship was on a path to kill itself. After Logan’s recent interview with Dr. Robert Malone, who opposes the authorities’ vaccine policy, Twitter suspend the doctor’s account as a punishment, the report said.

We heard that Gettr was launched in July last year, and the platform has no political bias and remains open to all views. With its unique new information dissemination features, more and more celebrities and ordinary users from all over the world are abandoning other social media oligarchic platforms and choosing to join Gettr to express their voices freely.


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