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The CDC expects the number of deaths in the U.S. to reach 15,600 per week and attributes the cause of death to the CCP virus, not the vaccine.

There are now more cases of the CCP virus in the UK than ever before (78,610 cases recorded on December 15). In the coming days and weeks, the UK will break records as new mutations in the stinger protein start to become prevalent in the population, whether you are vaccinated or not.

The CDC blames the new wave of hospitalizations and deaths on the CCP virus and the unvaccinated. However, the increase in serious illness and hospitalizations among fully vaccinated people was so great that the data was vague and inaccurate.

CDC continues to deceive the public with faulty PCR tests and damaging genetic experiments. Throughout the CCP virus scandal, the CDC approved the widespread distribution of PCR tests with cycle thresholds too high to distinguish between non-infectious virus fragments and truly symptom-specific respiratory disease. Yet for some reason, states used these PCR tests as the basis for all their data on the CCP virus, while using fraudulent results as a way to deprive people of their civil liberties.

This health care fraud is exacerbated by the CDC’s new PCR testing rule, which is used specifically to vaccinate people to limit the number of “breakthrough CCP virus cases” and to mask vaccine failures. Laboratories instructed by the deceptive CDC rule to report vaccinated CCP virus cases only using high cycle thresholds over 28, virtually guaranteeing negative test results.

Meanwhile, in the unvaccinated population, CCP virus cases can still be falsely counted if a high cycle threshold of 28 or more is used, which is virtually guaranteed to provide a false positive. the CDC goes further in medical malpractice by allowing hospitals to classify those dead from vaccines as unvaccinated deaths.

PCR tests that cannot distinguish between different types of coronavirus strains will continue to be used in a coercive manner to count hordes of false positive patients (healthy adults) and various minor respiratory illnesses, lumping these numbers in with the total number of cases of CCP virus. But what is really important to note is the spike in deaths that continues to occur in the fully vaccinated population. The CDC predicts a 73% spike in deaths over Christmas weekend, and the problem is expected to occur primarily in fully vaccinated communities.

Sources: CDC Expects Weekly U.S. Deaths to Reach 15,600, Attributes Deaths to CCP Virus

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