By: MOS Translation Team — Kayla

On Dec 27th local time, a source at Telefonica, the third-largest telecom operator in Europe, said that the company had purchased 5G network equipment from Swedish manufacturer Ericsson to replace the Huawei devices it had laid out in Spain.

It is learned that, replacing the next-generation mobile network equipment was part of Telefonica’s strategy to “diversify suppliers” that was announced in 2019. As the largest telecom operator in Spain, Telefonica previously installed some Huawei 5G gear. Nonetheless, the U.S. government alleged that, the bugs and backdoors hidden in Huawei network equipment were both spying tools that facilitate CCP’s illegal access to information and intelligence gathering. Subsequently, Telefonica hereby decided to significantly reduce the share of Huawei gear in the new generation mobile communication network, then seek more secure and reliable alternative suppliers.

Some analysts said that, given the incompatibility between Huawei’s 5G gear and the products of U.S. and European companies like Ericsson, Telefonica’s choosing Ericsson was believed to augur Huawei’s complete loss of the Spanish market. Huawei’s losing share in Spain is a further decline in market share in Europe after losing share in U.K. and France.

Article: Telefonica will Replace Huawei 5G Network Equipment

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