Summary: 老姜

April 23

Our Insider of Wuhan P4 Lab will whistleblow

Yesterday, the senior scientist from the Wuhan P4 Lab arrived safely in Europe with the whole family. He used to work with Dr. Shi Zhengli (Chief scientist suspect of China’s bio-weapon program) for 10 years. In the future, he will go on GTV to prove that our value is from the insider intelligence, know-how experience of CCP, and data analytic skills. Based on this powerful intelligence and credential, our GTV and Gnews media reports of CCP are different from all the Western media, that we have been alerting the world since Dec. 19, 2019, that the outbreak of the coronavirus from Wuhan, China, is not come from the reported animals of any kind, nor from the Wuhan wet market, nor from the accidental lab leak. It was a bio-weapon tool to suppress the Hong Kong protest movement.

The CCP first carried out their human experiments in Wuhan, and then its military delivered it in Hong Kong. This CCP-Virus is based on the virus from the ZhouShan bats, then the CCP military embedded HIV, Ebola and other viral fragments in it. However, the virus changed itself and somehow got out of hand, it started to spread rapidly in Wuhan, the CCP then decided to deliberately allow the tourists to spread to the world during the Spring Festival, in an attempt to control European and American society once they fall into chaos.

It explains that at the beginning of the pandemic, the CCP ordered all its overseas companies and agents to buy out all possible PPEs around the world, and then they heavily invested in the top-notch mask production companies to control them. Per our insider from the CCP National Security Committee, its top-secret mission is “to ensure that the pandemic in the U.S. reaches its peak in this May-June”, to let the U.S. kneel down and beg for CCP’s rescue. If the CCP can’t control the virus release, how can they have the timetable? Eventually, the ultimate goal is to let both European and American kowtow to the CCP.

Western Media isn’t ready to stand up against CCP

Facing today ’s CCP-Virus Pandemic, the mainstream Western media has not yet formed a unified power to report and hold CCP accountable for what it did to the world. YouTube and Twitter are still deleting all contents that do not “comply with WHO ’s CCP-Virus Pandemic guidance”. From this, you can tell the control and influence of CCP on the western mainstream media. The eradication of the CCP fits the values of the free world and the interests of all the peoples in the world, whose life has been badly affected by the pandemic. Today, what is going on in the world is beneficial to the destruction of CCP. People in the West will also rise up and demand their media to hold CCP accountable. When the top scientist from the Wuhan P4 lab stands in front of GTV one day and reveals what he knows everything about the CCP-Virus, everyone in the world would trust our GTV value even more.

Our goal and belief are to eliminate communism and CCP, and we don’t need to prove it to anyone. The U.S. and Europe are acting on it, we are acting on it, and the whole world is acting on it. The CCP’s downfall is due to its own death fate, and in no time, could anyone stop it. The arrest of Sun Lijun has greatly accelerated this process.