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A man accused of killing his wife in Anhui Province was acquitted after serving 17 years in prison, local media reported on Dec. 28. According to the latest news from the Chinese Communist Party’s state prosecution website, the man’s wife was actually raped and murdered by a local police officer.

This man is known to have been accused in 1996 of brutally murdering his wife over 2,800 CNY of cash from an unknown source. The man was forced to confess to the charge when he was initially arrested and was subsequently sentenced to death by a local court with a two-year probation.

For more than a decade after the court handed down the sentence, the man appealed and complained. It was not until eight years later that the case was brought before the local Supreme Prosecutor’s Office. Seventeen years after the man was jailed, the Supreme Procuratorate finally found that the case was a miscarriage of justice and that the real murderer was a local police officer, and the man was finally acquitted. According to the announcement, the key evidence for the reversal of the case was that the fingerprints and sperm from the victim’s vagina taken by the police at the scene did not match the man’s biological identity.

In response, Miles Guo commented on Gettr that there are practically countless unjust cases like this in the history of communist China. And he emphasized that such tragedies will continue to happen as long as the CCP exists. For the sake of all our innocent compatriots, we must eliminate the CCP at all costs.

Article: A CCP Police Framed-up a Husband after Raping and Murdering His Wife

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