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It was reported on December 30th, Hongkong police arrested management staff of Stand News; including a Canadian citizen, Denise Ho on December 29th. It concerns Canadians from all walks of life.

“This is nothing else but a criminalization of freedom of expression by the Beijing-controlled Hong Kong authorities and nothing else but a criminalization of media freedom,” said former cabinet minister Irwin Cotler.

Former diplomat Charles Burton said “Canada has to stand up for our innocent citizens. Kim Nossal, a professor emeritus at Queen’s University, said Canada should focus on expressing its ongoing concern about the attacks on freedom of the press and the erosion of Hong Kong’s autonomy.

Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly said on Twitter late Wednesday afternoon, that “Canada’s consular officials are engaged and stand ready to provide assistance on the ground.” She said Canada is “deeply concerned” by the arrests.

It was also reported by Hongkong press the same day, that Denise Ho was released on bail on December 30th. 

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