Translated by: MOS Health Team – Wenfei

Miles Guo revealed information from the CCP’s internal national security meeting in his December 29th Grand Live Broadcast. Held a few days ago, the meeting participants noted that the CCP’s ambassador to the United States, Qin Gang, did not receive any national welcome ceremony from the US.  Around the same time, the U.S. told the CCP for the first time that Ambassador Qin Gang’s speech was obscene,and that If he continues this way, there won’t be any possibility of improving US-China relations.

Miles Guo said that some U.S. officials asked Qin Gang whether he would change his “war wolf” diplomacy attitude. Qin Gang replied that our diplomacy is not “war-wolf” like, but “wolves dancing with wolves!” The United States is a “wolf,” and we have to react and dance with “wolves” until the end. When talking about the Taiwan issue, Qin Gang said the U.S. should look at its own “rogue face”, that the Taiwan issue is a lie created by the U.S., and a few U.S. politicians provoked the Taiwan independence elements. He also made comments about the Xinjiang issue, that what the Chinese are facing in Xinjiang is the same as what the African Americans faced previously in the United States: The Uyghurs committed genocide against the Han; and then, the Han committed genocide against the Uyghurs, but now we treat the Uyghurs as friends and family members. Qin Gang also warned the U.S. that if extreme rightists, such as Bannon, continue to collaborate with “someone” and affect Sino-US relations, battle between China and the U.S. is inevitable.

Finally, Miles Guo said that Qin Gang’s ridiculously distorted facts and insulting language were beyond belief as a diplomat. He was unwilling to establish and improve U.S.-China relations, but humiliated the U.S. and declared war on the United States. The “wolf in sheep’s clothing” Qin Gang is neither a “war sheep” nor a “war wolf”, but a war demon, stretching the sensitive U.S.-China relations to the limit.


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