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On December 31th 2021, Dr. Zelenko, who is a strong promoter of treatment guidelines for the CCP virus, posted a video on the GETTR platform stating that he himself had contracted the virus four days earlier, but had recovered after taking hydroxychloroquine on time.

Dr. Zelenko said that the cause of his illness was probably the infection of the CCP virus that his child had inadvertently brought home from school, and that he had not been taking the preventive medication he had been advised to take.

The doctor said that he had started having symptoms such as an itchy throat and a runny nose four days ago, but that there was no accompanying fever, and that he had been treated with hydroxychloroquine as soon as the symptoms appeared.

Dr. Zelenko concluded by saying that the treatment with hydroxychloroquine had been very effective in treating the CCP virus and that he was now feeling well and therefore wanted to share his experience with everyone.

Reference: 泽连科医生染疫后用羟氯喹自行治愈

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