Jan. 2nd, 2022

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According to a story by The Hill on December 31st, 2021, it talks about how a federal judge blocked mask and vaccine mandates in the state’s Head Start program in a ruling on Friday 31st that Governor Greg Abbott quickly hailed as an example of his state earning a victory over the Biden administration. “The Court concludes that the circumstances do not justify or require a nationwide injunction,” the ruling by Judge James “Wesley” Hendrix said, “The great majority of evidence before the Court is limited to harm caused to Head Start programs in Texas.” Hendrix is a Trump appointee who took his position in 2019.

This is yet another setback for the seemingly authoritarian administration as it tries to simply railroad its mandates throughout America, thankfully some brave judges and legal experts are standing up against this over-reaching and obviously illegal mandate. Surely it is still the right of an individual to decide whether or not to have an untested, rushed-to-market, and still experimental vaccine injected into their and their family’s bodies, where is the freedom of choice for many people that have decided that the experimental vaccine is not for them.

Many people around the world, simply do not trust the vaccine as many people are having completely debilitating side effects and horrendous injuries, and even death after receiving the vaccine. So for a government to demand that certain groups must have the vaccine is too far along the road to communism and a totalitarian regime and must be halted.

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