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Recently, a video of Beijing Female teachers mobilizing the whole class to bully a primary school student attracted the action of netizens. In the video, the two female teachers not only scolded the little girl, but also mobilized the entire class to attack the girl verbally.

The video shows that a boy recited Fei Yue’s (Fei Yue, ancient Chinese military general, poet) Man Jiang Hong at the “New Year’s Day Gala” held in the classroom. Due to the loud voice, many students off the podium made actions such as covering their ears and lying on the table. The little girl in a pink dress closest to the boy was scolded by two female teachers.

The teacher held up her mobile phone to shoot her, there were words such as “What a good performance, she covered her ears,” “gross, get out, get up,” “You are annoyed every each day!” “Are you going to let every student hate you, don’t you, don’t affect me…” and so on. The abused little girl was at a loss all the way with tears in her eyes. The two female teachers continued to scold and even launched a verbal attack on the little girl by the whole class.

Photo from The Epoch Times

After watching this video, many netizens said angrily, “I didn’t see teaching and educating people in the whole video. I only saw the maliciousness and meanness of the city shrew, and it was all used on a little girl.” “The most annoying thing was to mobilize the entire class to bully her together. It’s really terrible for such a person to be a teacher.” Mothers of the same first grade are almost suffocated when they see the video, and they requested to fire these two teachers. “Fire her, never hire!”

After the video was posted on the internet, Shuangqiao Campus of No. 2 Experimental Primary School in Chaoyang District, Beijing responded on their official WeChat that the video circulating on the internet was verified to be true. The school will deal with the teachers involved seriously.

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北京女老师教唆全班欺凌小学生 引关注

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