On 21th July 2019, the Triad indiscriminately attacked civilians in Yuen Long. Police refused picking up emergency calls or providing assistance until 39 minutes later.

Reporters insisted to do live streaming while being attacked. Men were beaten up in the train as they wanted to protect women and children behind them. Where were the police, who are supposed to protect citizens?

Police have since then been accused of colluding the Triad for attacking passengers and civilians in the MTR station, while the pro-Beijing lawmaker Junius Ho was filmed shaking hands with one of the Triad heads in the same evening.

The lack of justice and unfair law enforcement like lax arresting infuriated every Hong Kongers. Since then, different kinds of activities and protests were held regarding the 721 incident. Countless young people have been arrested in these mensiversaries.

Are there any public order, if the enforcement units are colluding with gangsters?

Source: BeWater HK

Contributor: GM02