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On December 29th, according to Japanese media reports, in order to comprehensively strengthen anti-communist cooperation, the governments of Japan and Australia are discussing and revising the Japan-Australia Joint Declaration on Security Cooperation Guarantee signed by the two sides in 2007. The two governments will jointly deal with the provocative acts of the CCP in attempting to undermine the status quo in the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea and its increasing threat of force.

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Documents show that the Japan-Australia Joint Declaration on Security Cooperation signed by Japan and Australia in 2007 was mainly to deal with the threat from North Korea at that time. However, the new declaration to be revised by both sides this time will include strengthening the deterrence and response of the Japanese Self Defense Force and the Australian Army, improving the training quality of both sides and cooperation with the United States in order to better deal with the threat from the CCP.

In addition, the report mentioned that the new declaration will also include space defense, network intelligence sharing, technical cooperation, economic security cooperation and so on.

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