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Previously, Mr. Miles Guo successfully predicted that the CCP would launch a new virus during Thanksgiving in the United States through accurate internal intelligence. At present, the CCP virus has begun a brutal outbreak around the world.

On December 24, Miles Guo revealed the latest accurate information obtained in the past three months on GTV and Gettr live broadcasts. The CCP will release new virus after the Omicron variant.

In recent days, Yang Jiechi, Wang Yi, a certain military official, Wang Qishan, and the leftists have urged President Xi Jinping to take the opportunity of the raging new virus to take down the United States as soon as possible. They said, since China and the United States are bound to have a war, it is better to fight sooner than later; Since the virus weapon has been used to start the war, additional virus should be added to fight to the death. For this reason, the National Security Commission(NSC) has set up a special CCP virus control team, which is mainly responsible for controlling where the virus is transmitted to. The even worse news is that the virus that the CCP will put out again will be more virulent than the previous one. Even the senior scientist who escaped from the CCP’s control and took refuge in Europe said that the CCP will most likely release the most virulent virus this time. Because this scientist noticed the unusual presence of Wang Huning and a military major general with psychotic traits in the virus control team, he knew that the combination of these people would make the epidemic even worse.

Therefore, the battle between the CCP and the US is sure to be taken to a new level.The fierce Omicron variant of the CCP virus has swept the Western world, and the number of infections will soar after Christmas.

There must be more people were infected during the New Year holidays. After the Beijing Winter Olympics, the U.S. and Western societies will understand the true nature of the CCP’s plan to destroy the White race. As of now, the largest number of people infected with the Omicron variant are white Westerners. Only after paying the price of more lives will Western society see the evil nature of the CCP.

God will make it perish, it must first make it crazy. Xi is one step closer to Ceausescu, Gaddafi and Saddam.


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