Miles Guo

This woman, how evil of Isobel, VICE, and HBO

let me tell you Wenfeng,

in a country like New Zealand,

Germany and Austria

this will always be repeated in history

Just a small poor country like Austria has cultivated this dictatorship forever

Looking at this (mandatory) vaccine,

it is once again a striker, going to extremes

The countries like New Zealand,

as well as Australia and the United Kingdom,

when it goes to extremes,

the local Chinese population will always be a minority

and incidents like Indonesian anti-Chinese incidents would really not be far away

That’s why the evilness of this woman(Isobel Yeung)and her interview

would have put the Chinese people overseas on the list of the so-called terrorist power to influence politics and to change politic

It (Isobel’s interview fractionally published on VICE and HBO) will change the politics if you don’t deal with it

Finally, you have to see her interview

She was taking note there and would be careless of how you answered at all

She had already achieved her goal upon asking questions

If we didn’t have the recorder camera (at that time), we would not have the ability to explain ourselves,

even if the body is full of mouth, but also can not explain myself

If I was clumsy a little bit (during Isobel’s interview), I would be suffocated to death even though I have mouths all over my body

Every sentence would have made you suffocate to death

Teng Biao defamed me saying that I was incest with my niece

As result, he said that I criticized him the incest

Think about it, how terrible it is!

About GTV, She (Isobel) said that we are scammers

That’s so simple, who was deceived?

She could push such trash words out

because no one would ponder when watching and would agree that I’m a liar

Then, in the end, saying what do you think of him (Miles Guo)?

He would take the Chinese people to hell

How do I bring the Chinese people into hell?

Our whistleblower movement has been going on for 4 or 5 years, have you thought about that?

Have we ever brought any Chinese person to hell?

How can she say that we are bringing Chinese people into hell?

She makes the Chinese people hate us

Have you realized that?

Not only she has made the United States and the Western world hate our whistleblower movement,

but also made Pangxie expressed

Chinese people need to have hatred on our whistleblower movement and the New Federal State of China

This evilness is exactly the same as the Anti-Chinese incidents in Indonesia back then

Original Video Title:The Viciousness of Isobel is to Let The Whole World Having Hatred on The Whistleblower Movement
Original Video Date:2021/12/24
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