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In Part I of Miles Guo’s live broadcast on December 25, 2021, Mr. Guo talks about love, family, devils, Buddhas, the CCP’s children living abroad, inheritance, learning, philosophy, and career planning. Below are the highlights of the broadcast.

(44:51) Miles Guo tells the fundamental reason his love for his wife has lasted for 36 years.

Li You said back then, “If you consider Miles Guo as your enemy, you will meet the biggest devil in the world; if you take him as your friend, you will meet the great Buddha.”

Think about it. How difficult is it for my wife to put up with me (Miles Guo) for thirty-six years? Your love will become stale, but do not turn love into goods in antique shops. Long-term love should be like antique with fashion or fashion with the value of antique.

(49:00) How did Miles Guo and his wife educate their children? Love and affection in disguises is a sad thing for humanity. 

My (Miles Guo’s) wife never once yelled at anyone around her. Every year, especially when we were impoverished, she handed out red envelopes (lucky money). She gave out all the cash that we had at home every year. She never badmouths behind others. If my daughter or son dared to disparage someone, my wife would throw the bench at them.

Anything in life can be camouflaged, even dog shit, but feelings should not be disguised. Once the love and feelings are wrapped in deception, you will live in a misery. 90% of marriages in real life are wrapped in lies. How can there be fidelity? 

(51:41) What is a good family? What are good parents? What are good children?

I’ve never seen the children from rich, famous, and influential families live like humans or live happily under the aura of money, fame, and power.

I told my son yesterday, “your father and your mother’s greatest pride is to teach you two not to lie, not to deceive people, not to have hubris, and not to indulge in luxury and lust. Honestly speaking, who doesn’t know how to spend money? Spending money is not a skill, but earning money is! Have you made money? Money lets you express yourself in various relationships and exchange productivity. How can you use the money to conquer and harm others and show off? Human nature is to harness wealth. How can you let wealth control you? 

Why do you love your parents? Let’s not talk about Chinese culture or human nature, but the simplest, your mom and dad won’t hurt you; but being a celebrity, his unhealthy psychology will cast a spell. It is impossible for you to grow up healthy in that kind of environment.

(57:27) Miles Guo speaks about the relationship between devils and Buddhas.

I (Miles Guo) think the most crucial issue about the devil and the Buddha is the perception of things, that is, the distinction between good and evil. For example, Xiaofeixia and Xiaofeixiang get along. Xiaofeixia considers Xiaofeixiang his girlfriend because he likes her. If he suddenly finds his girlfriend unpleasant, it is called the devil.

When you reach out and take something from someone, that’s called a devil. When you take something out of your pocket and give it to someone else, this is called Buddha. The battle between Buddha and the devil is a question of others and me, good and evil, and switching ideas. The only thing that can turn you into a demon is profit, fame, power, and selfishness. This is greed, anger, stupidity, ego, and distrust. When you take these five characters to the extreme, you become a demon!

So what is good about Buddha? For example, I am with you now. I am speaking the truth because I don’t want anything from you; I am free. But for the communists, I am the devil. Why? I am going to take things back from it. I want to take back the money that the CCP cheated from the Chinese; I want to take back the so-called power that the CCP took away in China; I want to take back the dignity and human rights of the Chinese people and the rights of “one person one vote” that belongs to the Chinese people.

(1:02:23) Buddhas and demons will always coexist in this world, and one rises as the other falls; those who violate any natural law are demons; those who conform to natural logic are Buddhas.

There can’t be only Buddhas in the world, and there can’t be only demons. Buddha and the devil will always coexist and take turns to rise and fall. There is a devil side and a Buddha side in everyone’s heart. To find the Buddha side, you have to have faith, believe that everything in the world has a master, and believe that nothing is accidental.

What is kindness? What is evil? Whatever harms human beings, nature, the surrounding environment, and those who violate the logic and law of nature are the devils. Whatever is born with nature, grows with nature, and behaves by natural rules is Buddha.

●1:09:31 Xiaofeixiang asks about the fate of the second generation of the CCP officials and wealthy families abroad; Mr. Guo replies that a secret team is working on this issue.

Miles Guo has a secret team dedicated to the issue Xiaofeixiang asked about. A dozen of us have been working for more than a year on the issue of the so-called third generation of the CCP overseas, including those in Western institutions.

There are two kinds of people in Western schools. The first type is the NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) group. They squander their parents’ money.

The second type is the second generation of the CCP officials, the wealthy and the famous. Xi Jinping’s daughter conceals her identity vmasterfully. She can live in the United States for so many years without leaking out a single photo of herself. She attends parties and makes countless friends from all walks of life, including Obama’s two daughters. I watched Li Keqiang’s daughter, her current and ex-boyfriends growing up. No matter how they camouflage their identity, fewer than half of them are kind people. Many of them do not want the CCP to fall. It’s their instinct. They think their families are born to be famous, powerful, and wealthy.

Make sure you stay away from those kids. You shouldn’t think you can be a great person by helping and convincing them. You don’t have the ability and power to do that now. 

●1:18:47 Some people can’t be changed. Don’t waste time. 

You shouldn’t yield to challenges. If you fall, I won’t even look at you because you are a Loser. The weak do not deserve sympathy at all. Some people cannot change because of their nature, genes, and family environment. You do not even need to pay attention to them. Do not waste your time.

(1:23:11) Young people must study and meet top-notch people; if they can reach out to people of religion and faith, it is better to do it more often, sooner rather than later, better than not.

Life choices are the most important. When I was in the Qingfeng Detention Center, I faced death, abuse, starvation, and total disappointment. How could I have been the Miles Guo I am today if I didn’t study there? Hitler, Gaddafi, Stalin, and all dictators, did not go to school, but their capabilities resulted from learning outside school, thereby, they are unparalleled in the world on this score. 

You have to really study and make friends with top-notch people! If you can reach out to people of religion and faith, do it more, sooner rather than later, and better than never.

(1:29:10) We, the Whistleblowers Movement, will leave the next generation a Noah’s Ark.

Your parents will leave you these assets. How do you deal with it? Spiritual wealth is the most valuable. The greatest thing that the NFSC gives to your parents is not the Himalaya Coin but all these brothers, sisters, and comrades. Your parents have created the most beautiful nation for humanity; strictly speaking, it is called Noah’s Ark.

(1:33:29) Miles Guo says despite hardship, he never felt that the world was dark until he was about 30 years old.

When I (Miles Guo) was a child, the winter lasted four or five months. In minus 30 degrees to 40 degrees, I wore a cotton jacket for a few months. At night, a family of seven or eight people slept on the heated brick bed. In the morning, I put on the same clothes that I didn’t change for five months. My pants didn’t even have the lining inside.

For us, back then, there was no suffering, really no suffering, and today I think that is the greatest wealth. At that time, I felt that I had to strive for better life. I had hope, and I wanted to change. The real problem was that I had never thought that the world was dark.

It was around the age of 30 that I started to become aware the winter was overcast. The weather could take a toll on me emotionally. I didn’t feel it before that. I didn’t feel anything. I was in a constant struggle.

(1:37:20) Don’t impose a standard on everything; don’t complain; be yourself.

When you encounter too many standards and look for partners with this and that criteria, you will ruin your life. The most important thing in life is  that you don’t use a standard to measure everything. 

I never complain. Complaining in life is enormous negative energy. If you want to destroy the person, you let the person learn to whine, and he will naturally destroy himself.

I was labeled as a hooligan at a young age. I wore bell-bottom pants, women’s shirts, and long hair. “Hooligan, Guo Seven is a hooligan!” I was particularly pleased that they called me a hooligan. It meant he was afraid of me, better than a beggar or “poor dead ghost.”

(01:47:13) Zhongren asks Miles Guo about the happiest thing he encountered on Christmas.

I (Miles Guo) have not really thought about it. We were engaged in the hotel business so we had to celebrate Christmas. Every year, Christmas generates tens of millions of turnover.

What I remember well is December 25. Ceausescu and his wife were executed on that day. Ceausescu tore down churches in Romania and suppressed religions. The former Soviet Union, the Communist Party’s stronghold and the CCP’s “father,” was dissolved on December 25.

(01:59:51) Miles Guo answers Fengzhong’s question about Philosophy.

Who was Hitler? Who was Stalin? What’s the title of Gaddafi, Saddam, Amin, and Suharto? Philosophers, militarists, historians, litterateurs, and politicians. 

The definition of philosophy in the literature is clearly defined: It is a study of the civilized behavior of human beings, the relationship between the various races and societies, and the relationship between people, education, culture, and language. Some places in Africa don’t even have writing, but these illiterate people have elections. Logical thinking is the highest level of civilization and the definition of human beings. Civilization is the key to exploring the unknown world, separating humans and animals, plants, and livestock. This is called philosophy.

(02:04:48) Buddhism explains the secrets of nature and the relationships between people; dictators want to be philosophers because that represents the highest power of interpretation.

Why do people say that the Buddha is a philosopher? The Buddha talks about many things. Mahayana, Hinayana, and Zen, in the end, explain the secrets of nature and the relationship between people. Faith changes; religion does not change. What is religion? Religion is this asexual reproduction; faith is sexual reproduction.

What about emptiness, enlightenment, and awareness? I’ve preached many times that all these things exist. In the heat of 10,000 degrees, nothing is left. The relative conditional existence of an illusion is called the material world. When everything disappears in the relative material world, it doesn’t mean that there is no world. It is called the world of another dimension. Humans are multidimensional. The environment of our existence is multidimensional.

One of the best keys to interpreting the one-dimensional world of human beings, the summary of past behavior, and the exploration of the future is philosophy. So why do all these dictators want to be philosophers? They want to represent the right to explain nature’s code. They want to represent you, tell you where to go and where you came from, and represent the supreme power of interpretation.

(2:09:53) You are not qualified to talk about philosophy if you are not financially independent or have not experienced the harsh tests of life.

The second most important attribute of philosophy: Philosophy is one of the best platforms and keys to exploring the unknown territories of the future. Finally, I found that philosophers are a bunch of mental slaves controlled by knowledge, fields, politicians, and money. Without independent finance and personality, broad vision, travel experiences, life and death experiences, and harsh tests of life, you are not qualified to talk about philosophy. The warm environment of the classrooms on all college campuses will not produce philosophers. Philosophy is the summary of the results of experience. How can you summarize if you have no experience?

(02:12:31) Prince asks Miles Guo about career planning

Anyone asking about this topic and choosing a career has uncertainty in life. All that can be planned is not good. Planned things are not natural. Each of your upbringing and hobbies is different; that is, everyone’s world is different. How can you have a standard plan?

What is in life? Life is only about creation and hard work. That is how you plan your life. The only way you plan your life is to exceed your limits every day. The so-called fame and power are not the things you should pursue in life. They can only become your tools.

If there’s anything you haven’t gotten yet, tell yourself I’m going to get it, and I’m going to conquer it. If something fails you, do it again until you succeed; once you achieve your goal, leave it behind. You should have something better waiting for you.

Yuda and Pangu are gone. I stood countless times in the Pangu and Yuda pondering the day when I couldn’t return, and they did not belong to me anymore, what I would think. I enjoyed everything possible. I only miss the people there. The feeling remains. Besides that, there is no longer any attachment to the place. If I didn’t leave Yuda, there wouldn’t be Pangu. If I didn’t leave Pangu, I wouldn’t become a world-class financial tycoon.

(2:25:41) Little Sarah asks Miles Guo about poinsettia and wine.

Yesterday Taishan posted a picture of red wine and a very cheap wine glass, not a crystal kind. Monv immediately commented, “red wine should be served in the finest glasses. Even if the wine is average, the glass has to be exquisite.”

Do you remember the most salient secret between men and women? It is called mystery. The philosopher calls it charm. 

Poinsettias should not be placed in the bedroom or in the place where people stay for a long time. The plant emits toxins. In particular, the poinsettia should not be put next to wine, especially not be in drinks. During the time of the Russian tsar, his concubines poisoned people by adding poinsettia in red wine, and it was a slow death. (All contents are subject to Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcasts.)

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