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On Dec 22th, CCP media reported that the CCP virus was out of control once again in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province. A source said that positive cases were found outside the local restricted area, and the overall situation of the pandemic showed community-based transmission.

In this regard, relevant individuals posted on Gettr that all the roads out of the Xi’an had been under CCP police’s control. During this period, whoever sought to leave the city was escorted to the nearest designated quarantine sites. Some insiders exposed that, negative results of the nucleic acid test within 48 hours and the green itinerary code produced by several citizens were declared null by the local police.

Another source said, that to forcibly quarantine and treat students on campus, a large number of ambulances shuttled to and from Chang’an University the whole afternoon. Whereas, many students in other local universities attempted to escape from their campuses by climbing over the walls.

In addition, more citizens with no hope of leaving Xi’an had to crazily stock up on essentials, given the mandatory restriction imposed by the local government. It was reported that the shelves of local supermarkets were swept clean, some grocery stores had temporarily closed due to stock shortage.

Sources: PLMY2017’s Gettr on December 22nd

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