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On Dec 22, Liberty Times Net (LTN) reported that Intel sent an official notice to all its unvaccinated employees saying that, if they still refuse to get the vaccines without any religious or medical exemptions, they will have to take unpaid furlough since April 2022.

This November, Intel told its staff that according to the federal contractor vaccine mandate by the Biden Administration, the deadline for vaccination for all employees was January 4th, 2022. Subsequently, Intel expressed that they would review the exemption applications of some employees for religious and medical reasons. However, the company claimed that if any application was unapproved, the relevant applicant would take a mandatory unpaid leave for no less than 3 months starting from April 4th next year.

Some comments pointed out that, there is still great controversy in the U.S. society towards the vaccine mandate of the Biden Administration. In addition, the emerging serious side effects of the toxic vaccine contributed to the successive antivaccine campaigns throughout the U.S. and the world as well. A court in Georgia has suspended the vaccine mandate earlier this month.

Sources: Intel Asked its Employees to Get Vaccination or Unpaid Leave

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