Miles Guo

Chinese people don’t know how to enjoy life, not even romance, let alone savor

You will never see furniture in your home like in the West, Europe, or America, decent furniture

the house is empty, and it turned out that there is a cabinet at the corner, it’s Louis XVI’s

or a cabinet from 1800 some year, several hundred thousand dollars

inside the house, there is only the table inside the empty house, then there is a very beautiful table lamp

Chinese people will never be like this, they must buy it from Dongguan

In this situation, even if the Chinese people become rich, it is the life of hard work in Chinatown

Clearly see the Jews here, the Jews are at the Wall Street, and they occupy the best of Manhattan

Where are the Chinese people, Flushing, Chinatown, you go to the Black Cat Hotel San Francisco Chinatown

That is Chinese people demand everything cheap and good, they have no life, and they must work and it is a crime not to work

And even if I die tomorrow, I have to work today

Chinese people’s hard work and Chinese people don’t know how to enjoy life

There is no vacation relax, creating the inevitable reality of the Chinese Communist Party enslaving the Chinese people

When I grew up and I kept asking a question, why are Chinese people so hardworking with such a poor life?

never have a good life and never eat good food, but why China, a country that has never raised questions?

Just now when I told you about such big collapse data in real estate

Look at the Chinese people’s business, what are they doing? Some people are buying cheap houses

just like when I was a kid I saw people killing pigs for the Chinese New Year, then the pig is pox pig, people will have tumors if they eat it

but a bunch of people would rush to ask for it, and some would rush to buy it, just because it’s cheap

After the pressure cooker cooked, then sell this pox pork, people rushed to get it

and there are still people opening new restaurants, why?

Because many restaurants are closed, not because the restaurant business is good, it’s because many restaurants are closed

Where the money come from for opening the restaurant? It’s borrowed from the cousins, so the Chinese people hurt and harm each other

As long as I can live, as long as I live, I have to work

As long as I can live, I will keep the earnings

As long as I make money, I keep it, and in the end it will all belong to the Communist Party

Then as long as I can open a store, I can open a store and do a small business, I will borrow money from all my relatives

(This is the reality now in China.)

Original Video Title:Chinese people is a hard-working people but is enslaved by the Communist Party, and everyone harms each other
Original Video Date:2021/12/17
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