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Doctors have been warning the Omicron virus will lead to multiple mutation and the Covid-19 antibody will face difficulty to eradicate the virus. This has created anxious atmosphere in the U.S. hospital to curb the new wave of Covid-19 cases. In the past one week, the daily new cases in the U.K. has exceeded 80,000, while the Netherland government has announced another round of lockdown. This fear Omicron has brought to the world this Christmas is very similar to last year.

Even though more than 200 million Americans have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, the number of new Covid-19 cases are still growing and the vast majority have already received two or more doses, which is very frustrating.

Dr. Eglisebell posted on Gettr about the latest mutated Omicron virus, speculating that the governments might utilize the Omicron virus “new emergency situation” to implement vaccine mandate and quarantine which violate the human rights. The mainstream media may even shift the mutated virus origin to unvaccinated individual, in order to cover up the death cases caused by the antibody-dependent enhancement effect (ADE) from the Covid-19 vaccine.The medias may subsequently promote “reasonable lockdown” which will lead to more supply chain disruption, product shortages and price hike.

The government is more likely to shift the responsibility of its failed economic policy to the Omicron outbreak. There is a very important event in 2022: the US midterm elections! Will the dark forces use the panic caused by the resurgence of the pandemic to dismiss the 2022 midterm elections or cancel the mail-in voting feature?

The spread of new variants around the world is nothing more than the continued poisoning from the CCP.  Mr. Guo has warned many times in his grand live broadcast before the emergence of the variant, “The CCP posse more than one type of virus and soon will continue to release virus to the world.” Mr. Guo has also mentioned many times that he is not a prophet but based on his understanding and absolute intelligence regarding the CCP! More and more people around the world have realized the harm vaccine caused to human body and have begun to take to the streets to fight and speak out, only hoping that after the darkness, there will be no more lives and families paying a heavy price before it is too late.


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