1.Zhongzhi Enterprise Group founder Xie Zhikun made his fortune by financial fraud.

2. Xie Zhikun’s younger brother Xie Zhichun was president of China Investment Corporation.

3. People infected by CCP virus have a 50% chance of cancer in 3-5 years.

4. What most mattered is that the spike protein is not cleared out from the human body, two likely carcinogenesis parts are lymph and blood.

5. Human reproductive organs are the position of CCP virus and spiked protein keeping stay, like prostate for male, gynecological area for female. People should take artemisinin by doctor’s order, keep checking lymph and blood for signs of cancer.

6. People infected by CCP virus must avoid strenuous exercise.

7. CPI in the USA reached 6.8%, it’s very serious.

8. The US dollar issued by Federal Reserve should be one time of GDP value, however they over issued 10 trillion dollars in 2020. Bread price rose from $1 to $3.

9. Whoever gets over issued money went to buy property but bread, the result is coexistence of inflation and deflation.

10. Over Issued fiat currency is world wide, global government debt total 226 trillion US dollar, the actual debt is 300 trillion US dollar. When the economy collapses, who is going to pay back trillions of debt?

11. When the economy collapse, your money worth nothing. Digital currency will replace fiat currency, and human society enters an era of competing digital currency wars.

12. Xie Zhikun was killed by CCP

13. Athletes participating in the winter Olympic games will be infected by CCP virus, they will be quarantined and treated with care. CCP will make up all kinds of stories, propaganda their achievement of dealing with the virus. After that, CCP will invade Taiwan, save Taiwan people from untold miseries.

14. Peng Liyuan will attend the winter Olympic game as UNAIDS International Goodwill Ambassador, to announce to everyone she is No.2 of China.

15.  During the Winter Olympic game, there are 50% chance of nature gas explosion accidents, 50% chance of military and police coup, over 70% chance of Xi being infected by virus and other health problems.

16. Winter Olympic game will become Xi’s nightmare, especially when everyone know Peng Liyuan is saving the situation.

17. So called Fever syndrome that happened in Xi’an is actually a side effect of CCP virus vaccine.

Translator: Curiosity
Proofreading: Tracy