1. Fashion is an individual expression of oneself, it’s an expression of contemporary era and civilization of material. Is there anyone who dares to talk about artemisinin and vaccination?

2. Mr. Miles Guo is not against vaccines, he is against this fake vaccine particularly.

3. Communist China’s real estate business: property is not allowed to sell below buying price or “market price” in many area. The mortgage banks are ordered to make fake new mortgages to support property prices when owner can’t pay back the mortgage. If someone owns 3 apartments, he/she must keep the property from sales 3- 5 years at least, and pay 3 year’s property management fee in advance.

4. When 120 millions people lose their jobs, there will be 30 millions mortgages breaking down at least. How can the CCP solve this problem by 56 trillions real estate economy?

5. You will see how the real estate business breaks down after the Winter Olympic Games. Our friends inside China must take every penny from it and run away.

6. 600 billions RMB of capital flowed to business property of Hongkong, 99% belongs to CCP members’ family. They sold out property inside China, transferred money to Hongkong.

7. Tibet independence act: 90% of water resources of Asia is coming from Himalaya mountain. The Himalaya mountains protect China’s west. If Tibet independence succeeded, China would lose water resources and most forest resources. Tibet’s strategic position is no less than Taiwan. When Tibet is independent, there is no more China. Xinjiang must try to be independent too, such as Hongkong, Taiwan, and Guangdong etc.

8. Pangu’s employees: they will get a Himalaya coin in next 5 years, it will be worth more than their salary, and CCP can’t find it.

9. Ivermectin saved most of Africa from Malaria and River blindness etc.

10. Artemisinin: It’s even more wonderful than Ivermectin. Artemisinin can cure cancer, and could extend human’s longevity.

11. Most intelligent Jewish people, they got the highest vaccination rate. Most underdeveloped Africa, people get the lowest vaccination rate. Do not exaggerate the conspiracy theory effect. Most people believe in science through habitual thinking for a long time.

12. Vaccinated people must take Ivermectin or Artemisinin.

13.It’s believable that vaccination will stop all over the world in 2 months, 5 months at most.

14.What New Federal State of China creates is a new era of AI, biology technology, quantum technology and digital currency.

15. GTV, Gettr, Gnews will become a trading market for world information, trading market for digital currency.

16.After the mid-term election of America, Facebook and Twitter will be destroyed by the vaccination problem

Translator: Curiosity
Proofreading: Tracy