Translated by: MOS Business Team – Xiaohui

On the 14th of December, at an international forum held in Taipei by think tanks of Taiwan, United States and Japan, the Former Prime Minister Abe Shinzō emphasized in a video speech: “If a huge economy like CCP carries out military actions uncontrollably, it’s no exaggeration to say  , Is tantamount to suicide.”

Mr. Abe said: “The CCP’s unilateral claim of territorial expansion should be strongly criticized. Strengthen the containment of the CCP’s military activities in Taiwan, the Senkaku Islands in Okinawa Prefecture, and the surrounding South China Sea. He also called on Japan, the United States, and Taiwan’s democracies party to unite and stand together.”

The speech of former Prime Minister  Abe Shinzō blasted the heart of the CCP.  The arrogant CCP would never think that it would end up in such terrible position.  The CCP has fallen into a desperate situation and will perish on its own.




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