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A chilling story by The Epoch Times on December 13th, 2021 reports on the horrifying genocide towards 3 different groups of people happening at the blood-soaked hands of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and their barbaric regime, the former senior state department official Robert Destro told EpochTV on their ‘American Thought Leaders’ program on December 8th “The people you’re dealing with in China are human traffickers. … They’re committing genocide against their own people,”

“Genocide is more than killing… it’s the systematic destruction of a community.”

Throughout the program, Robert Destro talks in detail exposing the horrendous truth about the murderous CCP and their blatant genocide towards the Tibetans, Uyghur Muslims and Falun Gong practitioners with the genocide of these peaceful minorities, and with Tibet being a prime example of genocide has been ignored by global governments since the 1950s when the CCP took over Tibet, consisting mainly of Tibetan ethnic groups with their unique culture and Buddhist traditions which the Chinese Communist Party want to eradicate as it does not fall in line with the narcissistic, tyrannical agenda which is, the regime is the only ‘all and mighty’ and no other greater power or god-like figure can exist or be adhered to.

The CCP’s efforts to eradicate Tibetan culture and beliefs include population control, the prohibited teaching of the Tibetan language to children, and attempted seizure of control over the training of Buddhist monks, as well as the succession and reincarnation of the Dalai Lama, according to Destro.

He finished by arguing the very valid point of America but also the whole western world playing into the CCP’s hands by purchasing products made with forced labour, most of which are naively unaware due to lack of comprehensive and honest media coverage, saying “American law currently forbids the importation of anything that’s made with slave labour. Are we going to enforce that rule or not? If we’re not going to enforce it, then don’t tell me about diplomatic pressure on China. It’s complete window dressing at that point.”

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