1.  Countries across the globe are boycotting the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, it’s the result of New Federal States of China’s efforts for sure. We began lobbying for the boycott in 2019.

2. Xi Jinping has 3 events on his wishlist: owning hongkong, joining Taiwan with PRC, get his mother Qixin to watch Winter Olympic Games live in Beijing.

3. Weijian Shan, Joseph Tsai, Bruno Wu are top special agents of CCP

4. Weijian Shan is CEO of Pacific Alliance Group, he has secret connections and interactions with Walton business School, Federal Reserve Banks and United States Department of the Treasury, he is the most loyal follower of Wang Qishan.

5. Mr.Miles Guo’s father, families and employees were driven out from their home and offices to streets by 300 SWAT policemen and bailiffs, and their mobile phones were confiscated, their credit cards were canceled.

6. New Federal State of China will take important operations in the next 1-3 years. Give those old bastards of Zhongnanhai and their family members a mock funeral outside of all Chinese embassies and consulates since Chinese New Year’s Eve.

7. Payment to fellow fighters are $100, 100 lay down coins and 1 Himalaya coin per day, including commute and food compensation as cost. All fellow fighters who join Xi Jinping’s mock funeral will receive compensation.

8. Guo’s Seven Principles have gone since today. Taking down the CCP is only rule.

9.  Fellow fighters inside China need to take precaution, spread the truth under personal safety.

10.WTO will kick CCP out for sure. When SWIFT kicks CCP out, CCP will face a violent and sudden death.

11. Russia has negotiated with America till now. Russian will return to Asia. It is better for the U.S. to give Asia to Russia than to the CCP. When Americans and Russians take down the CCP together, the new era begins.

12. Xu Jiayin of Evergrand can’t hold up debt anymore, so Evergrand debts default. Since Americans are not coming to Winter Olympic Games, Evergrand and Sunac China will default their debts to the world continuously, and eventually go bankrupt.

13.Mr.Guo are planning series operations on national defense, military, media and international relations, and kick CCP out of international organizations.

Chinese version writer: Wen Jun

Translator: Curiosity

Posted by: Maarago