Miles Guo

At that time, Qin Gang arrived in New York and met 13 Chinese people

He wanted to meet them for two reasons, but everyone didn’t make it clear last time

The first one, he really realized that these Chinese people would be excluded in the United States

I just told you about Liang Guanjun’s thing, the US government, remember what Miles just said

Not only Confucius Institutes but also all the overseas Chinese organizations all over the world are led by the Communist Party

Anyone with the Communist Party, I can tell you, none of them will survive

An official of the Japanese government told me two years ago, Mr. Guo, we will be very slow

But I will guarantee that there will never be China Town in Japan

Any Chinese organization (connected to the Communist Party), none of them will survive

There is a 90% chance that this gentleman will be Australia’s next Prime Minister

He said, Mr. Guo, we will wipe out all the Chinese Communist Party organizations in Australia, which are connected with the Communist Party

another one why did Qin Gang go to China Town?

He went to do that thing, everyone didn’t realize it, including the drug supply of fentanyl

including this kind of completeness caused by the Communist Party that is about to exclude the Chinese people at overseas, but it is a devastating attack for them

More importantly, why did he come to New York, because of the Chinese people’s votes, the Flushing’s votes

75% of those Chinese people voted for the Republican Party, he wanted them to influence the American elections

Don’t vote for the Republican Party, vote for the Democratic Party

This time the New York State governor’s election in the United States must be the Communist Party total in control

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