Nov. 30th. 2021

Source: Internet

In a story by Infowars on the 28th November 2021, it details how the oppressive Chinese Communist Party is now trying to push their strict ideology about what information we ‘the people’  should be entitled to see. Also what information other nations can view according to the international cyber policy centre, and the Australian Strategic Policy Institute published a paper titled, “China’s cyber vision: How the Cyberspace Administration of China is building a new consensus on global internet governance.”

According to the paper, the CCP is actively sharing its internet policing practices with other countries. The country has been working to “enact policies jointly with international governments and companies on mechanisms to co-govern the global internet, or at least growing national segments of it while reshaping global norms and standards based on the model of the CCP’s approach domestically.”

Now as we all should know by now the CCP is obsessed with having absolute control over not only what the outside world knows regarding what the regime is doing around the world but possibly even more of what information their own people are privy to, from global events and western media and web sites including google (which is illegal in China), to the horrific and disturbing things they get up to in their ‘homeland’ like the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests and massacre which the majority of the Chinese population believe didn’t happen because of the extent of the CCP’s ability to hide and cover-up all their monstrous deeds, and now they are trying to suppress the information anyone on the internet can obtain with this overbearing and tyrannical internet data policy their attempting to share with the world.

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