Source: Melbourne Athena Farm (Jie Fu Shuo Shuo)

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Omicron is a new Covid variant released by the CCP. A characteristic of this virus variant’s transmission rate is much higher between vaccinated individuals than unvaccinated people. This is why even though Africans have seen increased Omicron cases, the infection rate is still much lower than highly vaccinated nations.

Contrary to what mainstream news media reported, Omicron wasn’t originated from Africa but was first released in the Western USA by the CCP, where it then passed on to the entire world. This information is based on fellow whistleblowers’ intel and a good understanding of CCP.

The purpose of this virus release is to cripple American and European economies and hope the resulting economic collapse will trigger social unrest. This will help to divert attention when China decides to attack Taiwan. Russia may also try to take over Ukraine during the time when China is attacking Taiwan. This is because the USA cannot afford to deal with both Taiwan and Eastern Europe issues simultaneously.

China’s lockdown of various cities due to Omicron is a farce. Omicron infection in China is very low and controllable, and there is no need for a lockdown. The reason behind this pretence is to mislead the world into thinking that China is badly affected by this new virus variant too.

World economy collapse is imminent due to long term lockdown, breakdown of supply chain, stock market bubble, inevitable vaccine disaster and possible social unrest. This is what CCP desires, and Omicron is just a tool to bring this closer to reality.

Source: Miles Guo Live broadcast on Getter

Published by: Lish

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