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In an interview with the media on November 18, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison urged Australian state and regional leaders to take a step back and allow Australians to return to normal life.

Morrison pointed out that Australia is a powerful economy that has survived the pandemic safely. In the past year or so, local governments have been guiding Australians on what to do, but now is the time to let the government back down and return freedom to the people. This is one of the important tasks in the federal work plan.

Regarding the current aggressive mandatory vaccine policies in some states, Morrison said, “We do not approve of mandatory vaccines imposed by the government. Companies can make their own choices according to the law, but we are not trying to tell them what to do or tell Australians what to do. People should be able to have a cup of coffee in Brisbane, whether they are vaccinated or not.”

Article: Australian Prime Minister urges the states to return to normal life

Posted by: Yuki jiang

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